The Jeep Wave!

The Jeep Wave

The long standing tradition between jeep owners that has been passed on from generation to generation is the sacred “Jeep Wave”. Its meaning seems very straight forward when you hear the phrase spoken, while the origins of the action are not so clear, there are many speculations on how this tradition came about, but if you’re a first time jeep owner or are just renting a jeep to feel the power and supremacy you witness other jeep drivers experiencing, you may not know the importance of this wave. So I am here to enlighten you!

When you are out on the open road, driving in areas one can only experience to their fullest potential while driving a jeep, you will encounter your comrades. When this situation presents itself you must show your appreciation and respect to the other Jeep driver for sharing the amazing reality that you are both behind the wheel of such a pristine and highly regarded adventure vehicle. Please do not waste this wave on others who are not “in the cool kids club”. Especially to people driving Hummers. If a fellow Jeep enthusiast saw you giving “The Jeep Wave” to anyone other than your fellow compatriots, you will immediately be shunned from the group. You may however encounter the awkward situation in which a subordinate may think you are waving at them and will wave back slightly confused. When this scenario happens, immediately cease the wave and look away, pretending you were just scratching your head. They are not allowed to experience the joy associated with this sacred action. Other Jeep drivers will see this and you will be forgiven.

When used correctly, the wave can consist of any of the following scenarios:

· The simple two finger salute off the steering wheel (most common). Simply raise two fingers from the wheel while leaving the rest of the hand well secured.

· The full four finger salute. Same as the two finger salute but involves all four fingers being raised off the steering wheel. Note: please do not remove the palm completely from the steering wheel as this could endanger the lives of not only you and your passengers, but anything/anyone surrounding you, or below you, if you run off the road and tumble down a cliff into their existence.

· You can wave your hand out the window as you pass by. But please be careful of the amount of enthusiasm you project, as it can cause injury

· The raise and nod. A complex gesture that consists of raising two or four fingers off the steering wheel followed by a slight nod of the head. This action is reserved for true southerners/ruralites. If you try to attempt this and are not a true southerner/ruralite the receiving party will know right away and may choose to ignore you.

· Top off scenarios may consist of a one handed wave above the windshield or outside the body tub. This gives a true sense of freedom. As that palm hits the open air you will feel as though you are flying.

Ok. That’s it really. Consider yourself informed. Enjoy your lives out there. I mean how could you not. You’re driving a Jeep. So, if you are feeling a little down and need a pick me up in life, please stop on by so we can raise your status in society and therefore joy in life. Even if it’s just for one day. The euphoria from the experience will last in your memory for a lifetime.

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